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The PLM-S engineers have developed a trusted and proven support mechanism for our customers.

With +20 years of customer-, sales support and professional services for partners and clients of EDS, UGS, Siemens Industry Software and Accenture we achieved a set of outstanding communication skills.

Whether you are new to engineering or highly-skilled specialist we provide the support, training and consulting services you need.

migration deployment

Migration and Deployment

We provide tailor-made migration tools to migrate your legacy data. Re-use of legacy data, elimination of duplicates and metadata enrichment are key when starting with PDM

Our deployment solutions are designed to work around your business. Our expert engineers are certified in all types of solution supporting technology, which minimizes disruptions whilst maximizing end-user uptime.

The PLM-S goal is to develop cutting-edge deployment and configuration strategies for our customers to best serve Siemens Solution Technology.

We work with your organization to find the best approach for your deployment, evaluating factors to provide onsite and remote deployments to support your project requirement.

technical support

Technical Support

PLM-S and it’s consultants are respected for the outstanding client relationships and pragmatic approach in supporting the clients business needs in all that connects to PLM. We maintain an international web of contacts through our own and the Siemens Industry Software channels.

As a result, we are able to provide technical support tailored to each client’s needs in terms of cost, quality, skills and confidentiality, while simultaneously helping the client sustain, preserve and develop core engineering competencies in-house.

In case of emergencies your dedicated PM will be of your assistance 24/7


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