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Engineering services in all Quaternary Industries

PLM-S provides mechanical engineering resource to assist with product and process development across multiple industries. We apply design and analysis techniques to conceptual design, plus assisting companies with incorporating computer-aided-engineering (CAE) and product data management into their business processes.

Engineering is a complex and expensive activity that has always been at the heart of all Quaternary industries. But in recent years, it has become harder to bring the right engineering capabilities to bear in the right place at the right time, as the industry has faced up to mounting challenges ranging from talent shortages to offset requirements, and from cost pressures to an aging workforce.

Such trends have seen companies across the world buy a growing range and volume of engineering services from external providers, as a way to gain cost-effective access to the skills and capacity they need. But to date, many questions about the industry’s sourcing of engineering services have remained unanswered.

We are specialists in the product engineering development with the use of Siemens PLM NX Design, CAE and CAM. We are experts in product lifecycle management, auditing engineering - , assembly - and manufacturing departments, providing cutting edge and innovative solutions.


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