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PLM-S implements TC with a phased approach; matching your company’s ability to adopt. The START > EXTEND > TRANSFORM phases are documented in a detailed scope for each phase. Since Teamcenter is a multi-solution and innovation platform, we focus on the key features that will cope with your companies bottlenecks and limitations to grow. PLM-S is expert in capturing your companies’ requirements; identifying the needs in PLM and managed digitalization to stay ahead of your competition.

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Get your product and process data under control Build the PLM Foundations

PDM – Product & Multi-CAD Data Mangement

TC brings together all your computer-aided design data (CAX) in a single managed environment. Whether you use AutoCAD, CATIA, Creo, Inventor, NX, Solid Edge, or SolidWorks, Teamcenter has a mechanical design management solution for you, see more in the integrations TAB Also, non-CAx data can be managed in a pseudo-folder (Sharepoint-Like) platform to eliminate Duplicates; protect the in-work documents and store then with the most secure backup functionalities. Whether your company uses one or more M- or E- CAD tools, you can easily find object created in other tools within your preferred CAx environment, then modify and incorporate them into multi-CAD assemblies or product designs. Teamcenter automatically translates multi-CAD data into the CAD-neutral 3D format, JT, which extends access, even to non-CAD users.

Document & Project Data Management

Empower users to reach beyond their own functional boundaries to share information. Create a single source of truth for all the documents and project data, which is generally scattered in - and out your company’s network without PLM. Make use of the powerful sharepoint-like pseudo folder structure to eliminate duplicates. Enforce standardization working with project template structures, take control and enrich your files metadata and create a transparent and easy to search database through the classification options. With project management solutions in TC, you can develop complex products; through integrated planning and execution in a single system. This integrated approach allows dependent teams across disciplines to effectively collaborate and communicate key information, shortening time to market. It also provides better visibility across projects, enabling leaders to anticipate and avoid problems rather than reacting after the fact.

BOM – Bill Of Material Management

Effective BOM “bill of materials” management and configuration are critical to your success, whether your product consists of ten parts or ten million. As you develop more innovative products to remain competitive, managing accurate product definitions, including BOM’s, becomes increasingly complex. If BOM content is derived from a CAD application, the part’s metadata is stored into TC item properties upon every save. After these properties have been captured by TC, your organization does not longer need to have access to a CAD application to change the the BOM content, and it always stays in sync with your CAD Data. Teamcenter® helps you know your product by providing a Common source of BOM information across your organization. Whether you need basic BOM - or more advanced BOM management and configuration with greater flexibility and scalability, you can meet and exceed the market demand for more innovative and varied product offerings.

PROCESS Management

Without effective PLM processes, people waste time working with out-of-date information, figuring out what’s next in a process, or searching for the information they need to get their jobs done. In many cases, the impact of a change across domains is not clearly understood, resulting in costly overruns and delays. With Teamcenter®, you can reduce the manual effort and cost of managing any PLM process. From coordinating complex change across disciplines, to executing a simple design review, to directing a response to quality issues, you can focus people on the right tasks, with the right data, to make the right decisions at the right time...


EXTEND the PLM value to related domains and processes

Requirements Management

The value of requirements isn’t only in capturing them, but in using those to drive the product development process. TC allocates requirements to various downstream functions; features; product architectures. All; while generating the reports; documentation and dashboards to manage the requirements process. You can create, view - and edit requirements directly from MS Word and Excel. Lifecycle integrated requirements enables to stay integrated across the development and manufacturing processes.


Teamcenter for the service planner can leverage the Teamcenter PLM system to fully document service plans. This allows the planner to establish advanced service-related operational models, such as reventative, conditional or reliability-based maintenance models that can be used to support performance-based or service-level agreement contracts. The solution enables service planners to manage detailed information that facilitates efficient resource planning for maintained products and operational assets. This information is especially valuable for controlling and reducing service costs while facilitating standards-based service compliance. Teamcenter helps ensure that the right skill sets, parts and tools are defined and hat service tasks are optimally planned – thereby enabling service organizations to reduce cycle time and improve asset availability and reliability.

Manufacturing & Process Management

Connect people, systems and machines through manufacturing process planning using a digital thread. Establish a single source of product and process knowledge to re-use best practices and manage resources for continuous improvement. Collaborate instantly and securely across the product design and process planning of part production and assembly operations. Consistently and accurately connect planning to production, ensuring that the correct manufacturing data is delivered to and accessible from the shop floor.

Sourcing & Supplier Integration

Teamcenter® PLM software provides a comprehensive approach to managing interactions with suppliers. You can coordinate processes and manage information, both internal and external, across all stages of your product lifecycle. You can drive early supplier involvement in product development and provide visibility into accurate supplier information across departments. Supplier information can be managed in context with the product structure to provide holistic views of your product.

Active Workspace
To reach more users, across functional boundaries, Active Workspace provides access to TC from familiar office and design applications, and any web browser. You do not have to install the application to have access anymore. From a tablet or smartphone, you can review product information, or participate in PLM workflows like design reviews or engineering change. People across your business … from executives to the shop floor … can use Active Workspace to search as easily as they shop online, gain insight and PLM information.


REALISE a profound impact with transformational capabilities


Closed loop quality management to achieve quality targets. Intelligently integrate quality and product data by defining and resolving issues in a single source, intuitive system. Standardize and automate the process of issue resolution. Capture the knowledge of how to resolve issues in the context of a deliverable as a preventive measure. Provide full visibility into quality issues and resolutions with configurable dashboards and standard reports. Issue and CAPA Initiation - Enrich Issues and CAPAs with file attachments and Teamcenter object relations Issue and CAPA Resolution - Relate Issues and CAPAs together, define causes and resolutions, derive Issues to CAPAs, derive Changes requests.


Delivering cost transparency throughout the product lifecycle. TeamCenter Provides efficient processes for cross-functional precosting, Delivers standardized costing methodology and a consistent database. Enable company-wide exchange of cost information and provide Provides complete cost transparency for all involved business functions TeamCenter Costing ensures cost-effective return on capital over the product lifecycle and delivers optimized purchase prices through knowledgebased cost analysis. Generate provides reliable quotations with secured margins.

CHANGE – Revision & Configuration Management

Teamcenter® delivers change management tightly integrated the authoring of your product content. This enables powerful automation capabilities. You can track changes as they’re being made and enable rich change contexts for analysis and validation. Change automation enables traceability between change and product data, as well as coordination of the impact of change across architectures, configurations, designs and physical bills of material. Our PLM platform offers flexible BOM configuration strategies that support the entire scope of product configuration; whether you offer a small set of standard products, or you need a platform with a spectrum of customer offerings or if you deal with orders engineered to each customer’s unique set of requirements. BOM configuration management enables a single definition of variability that can be leveraged from planning, through development, to manufacturing and beyond.

Model Based Systems Engineering

MBSE (model-based systems engineering) is a critical part of TC PLM. Our approach to MBSE is called "Systems Driven Product Development", because Teamcenter brings together multi-domain product development – mechanical, electrical, and software -- along with considerations like cost, reliability, and manufacturability. With Teamcenter, you can define what will be built, instruct people how to do it, and orchestrate the downstream development process -- creating the critical glue that holds the entire cross-product lifecycle together.

PLM-S has built a strong reputation in capturing company processes and understanding your ERP Requirements. We are using PLM-Scan techniques to draw a functional landscape and visualize the PLM to ERP connection trough flowcharts and swim lanes. ERP integration studies often trigger our customers to re-think their company processes and implement more innovative cross-domain workflows. T4E, the Teamcenter Gateway for Enterprise Applications software is an integral element of Siemens PLM Active Integration product suite, is a powerful solution for the seamless integration of almost any enterprise ERP application with TC software from Siemens PLM Software as MS Dynamics AS, Navision ao... T4S, Teamcenter Gateway for SAP S/4HANA is the powerful standard solution for the seamless integration of Teamcenter software and SAP S/4HANA.


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