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A machine-specific NC (Numeric Control) program is generated from the neutral CLDATA program, created by the CAM software when the toolpath is saved. The generation is called POSTPROCESSING, the POSTPROCESSOR is the connection between CAM and the CNC machine controller.

The post-processor is custom made software; responsible for translating neutral instructions from the CAM system into the specific instructions required by the NC machine. This software responds to the unique requirements and limitations of the CAM system, NC machine and manufacturing environment. Therefore, post-processing is an important part of factory automation.

The PLM-S CAM professionals have +15 years of CAM expertise, using state of the art tools like post builder and post configurator to create post processors for any controller. We create an open source, and easy maintainable custom post that meets all the manufacturing capabilities of your CNC machine and more… enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your NC machine adding features like synchronous 5 axis milling and high-speed machining.

If you would like us to make a turnkey quote to develop a custom post, please download the CAM Postprocessor Datasheet for quotation here.

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