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Built-in FEA FloEFD and
 Solid Edge
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Simulation capabilities for Solid Edge users include simulation of individual parts, assembly analysis, definition and analysis of complete systems and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Solid Edge Simulation

Built-in finite element analysis (FEA) allows design engineers to digitally validate part and assembly designs within the Solid Edge environment. Based on proven Femap finite element modeling and NX Nastran solver technology, Solid Edge Simulation significantly reduces the need for physical prototypes, which lowers your material and testing costs, and saves design time.

Solid Edge Flow Simulation

FloEFD for Solid Edge is the only frontloading computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis tool—fully embedded in Solid Edge. Moving CFD simulation early into the design process helps design engineers examine trends and eliminate less desirable design options.


Affordable high performance FEA modeling for the engineering desktop. Femap is recognized as the world’s leading CAD-independent Windows-native pre- and post- processor for advanced engineering finite element analysis.


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